Remembering Louth Bay

It’s funny how the bleakest of vistas can also stimulate the warmest of memories. This jetty stands at the end of the tiny hamlet of Louth Bay, not far from Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. It was a bluff and blustery winter’s day last year, but I remember it fondly. I was there to conduct interviews for my thesis, and this little side-trip was an unexpected joy. I actually took this with the camera on the iPad, but the wind was so strong I could hardly keep it still. A bit of instagram magic covered the camera shake on the original and made it seem as if it was some sort of artistic decision, rather than a creative accident. It’s now the wallpaper on my iPad and one of my favourite shots.



Saw this on a Uni noticeboard… The little tear-off bits at the bottom are lyrics from the song. Love that someone has a sense of humour and that even the photo is from the right era!