Now I don’t know if I got this one right, but when it said “letter” I took that to mean letter of the alphabet, not something that arrives in the post. As I was meeting my friend Marina tonight I saw a sign that had some cool typography (okay. I’m a geek. I know it.) I isolated the letter I liked the best, tweaked it a bit, and here it is! “S” is for “super”!



This is so my favourite colour and always has been. I don’t know what to call it. Indigo? Violet? This my new favourite hoodie, too. Partly because of the colour and partly because it’s so warm. And also because it’s like wearing a nice cuddly blanket/dressing gown/PJs–but ones that are safe to be seen wearing in public!


They say you should never go to the supermarket to buy groceries when you are hungry: I wonder if the same applies to needing to take a loo break. I was pondering all day how I was going to show this subject in a photo and when I saw the toilet paper I knew I had it. Not sure if a whole load of toilet paper says “big” to everyone, but at the time it said “big” to me– big hurry!


Now I know this is not actually food and it isn’t even a daylight shot (I’m so glad the poor girl closing up shop didn’t see me: try explaining this photo to a stranger!), but I was on the road at lunchtime and the Cammo & I forgot to get lunch while we were out. He went back out and bought some for me while I was writing my story. I ate my six-inch Tuna sub on while at my desk… Very glamorous. Not.


Okay so I’m really behind in posting these… Got slammed on the weekend. This came from my front garden as I was heading out the door on the way to work, but I’m not sure if you can actually see the bees in this shot (bottom right and bottom left). I know they’re there, though. Does that count?


The honourable JR was in the newsreader’s chair tonight, flying solo without Jane Doyle. No point in shooting an empty chair in the studio, though. I told JR he was just an accessory for the pic, why is probably why he’s hamming, pointing to the chair while preparing for an update.


There’s not much of it because it was only a trim, but I thought it was only appropriate that I record what was left on the floor after my trip to the hairdresser. The hand in the pic belongs to the lady herself, Marina, who just happens to be one of my besties. I got some funny looks when I told them I wanted to take a photo of the floor–especially what’s on the floor–their first instinct was to start sweeping it and defeat the purpose! Marina’s mum shook her head when I asked her to wait til I’d finished…




This is my friend Alle. She’s a photographer and never lets anyone take her photo so I can’t believe I got away with this. When I think of some of the funnest (yes that is a word–I just made it one) times I’ve had in the past few years, she’s been there. She’s usually the instigator, often a participator and always a facilitator of fun.


It was hard to narrow this one down and I waited until the end of the day. Usually a cup of tea is the first hot thing I drink, but today I had to race out of the house early, so my routine was all out of whack. Tea time is my favourite time if the day, but today it’s last, not first.


Today’s Photo a Day challenge wasn’t particularly hard in that it wasn’t to find a busy subject; the challenge was to find a moment when I wasn’t too busy to take it! Reporting shifts can be like that. There’s a lot of “hurry up and stop” in the day. Except today.